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In a tight time frame 3 highly utilised physiology lecture theatres at The University of Queensland have undergone a dramatic refurbishment by Cottee Parker Architects. This early 60’s building is now a state of the art teaching facility incorporating the latest technologies and a dynamic learning environment. The facility has retained important links to the past for the University.

The 3 storey high foyer linking the theatres is now a practical, well equipped, collaborative study area. The opened roof lets natural light stream in over bold graphic treatments, stylish seating and a large Tree of Life sculptural wall. This is constructed of original theatre desktops complete with the graffiti handiwork of students from many past years.

Furniture in the space is also a slick and innovative re-use of the floorboards and the laminated beams salvaged from the roof demolition. The cultural links to the past are further strengthened by entrance light sculptures that are a striking suspended arrangement of salvaged chair frames. Parts of the original construction have also been retained to maintain some historical context to the original build.

Extensive super-graphics to the walls and entry glazing are not only physiology references but give students practical way finding cues. The three rooms are now open to general campus use so the new signature colours and cell, chromosome and platelet themes make them memorable and easily referenced destinations. The themes are expressed through a repetition of printed ceiling and wall panels and entry wraps with didactic references to founding physiology lecturers.

Practical benefits to the University and students have been delivered and beyond the brief, Cottee Parker Interiors employed artistic solutions to deliver cohesiveness interest and intuitive way finding that compliments the UQ signage system.

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