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The Spine项目

The BAC Spine building reinforces the northern edge of the major axis that runs through number one Airport Drive, delineating and separating the commercial and retail operations here. It also defines the courtyard entry into BAC Headquarters and provides pedestrian connection through a break in the built form.

The architecture is characterised by a simple dynamic skillion roof which is also expressed internally. the upper level engages with the pedestrian spine by a cantered full height glazed facade running the full length of the building. The horizontal facade to the spine is juxtaposed by vertical accents on the boundary road facades.

With high quality retail opportunities onground level and commercial tneancies above the development is smaller in scale than it’s neighbours but creates a humane and virant urban landscape in the area.

The Spine building incorporates a large suspended sculptural piece at it’s centre and has facilitated the opportunity for BAC to realise it’s public art programme.

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