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Stage 1 of the Waterloo Junction development, masterplanned by Cottee Parker Architects, is a seven storey commercial building with retail outlets at ground level.

When the quality of the space was realised Watpac decided to amalgamate their property, construction, civil, and specialty services divisions into the same building with a single reception and two secure office levels and enlisted Cottee Parker Interiors to provide fitout options .

The requested non-hierarchal layout is achieved in an open plan with a transparent central core that is utilised for meeting spaces and administrative functions. The transparency of this core allows natural light to permeate work spaces from all sides and maintains a connectivity across the building.

Graphic treatments are enlisted to aid intuitive wayfinding and give meeting room identity and privacy, and deliver the Watpac story in the reception corridor and main boardroom.

Other features of the fitout are the shared benchtop layout spaces on dividers, communal breakout areas, a secure central accommodation of IT and security functions and a foyer that can be adapted to work with future ground floor retail tenants.

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